• ANSI Art Packs

    From DW@11:1/230 to All on Thu Apr 8 06:09:09 2021
    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to throw out there that I've made some (very) amature ANSI character/sprite packs and put them up for free download on my BBS (see
    If you were a kid in the 80s or early 90s and as nostalgic as me, you might
    get a kick out of some of the content:

    - StarTrek
    - TMNT
    - Simpsons
    - Transformers
    - Sierra game characters (Larry, Heros/Kings/Space Quest)
    - Mr. Stay Puff
    - Thundercats (HOOOooooo!)
    - He-Man
    - Mr. T (I pity the fool who doesn't download these packs!)
    - lots more...

    Free to use any anything you want
    All made just for fun/experience with THEDRAW and Moebius.

    Grab them here:

    Dark Systems BBS
    Telnet: bbs.dsbbs.ca:23
    File area -> ANSI Packs


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