• SkyRaiders Door Game

    From paulie420@1337:3/129 to All on Sun Oct 4 18:38:28 2020
    aNACHRONIST, of PHeNOM, iMpure and aBSINTHE bbs has a door game called SKYRAIDERS.

    It has always been pretty good, but man... he's been putting in work. It is FULL featured after this most recent update, and IMO is almost... the very
    best door game I've seen thats geared towards BBS use.

    It's worth a look, and discussion even... I might go grab his newest post
    that goes over all the updated details. But, it is an awesome airplane in the Korean War door game. Dogfights, bombing runs, ground missions, built in
    awards and different power-ups... along with iMpure level graphics and
    just... a kick ass door.

    He is trying to port it over to Steam at some point... wants to create some sort of door-game-network as he's coded some other doors, too; and he
    released Corona-Tracker which is really popular on ALL bbses that can do
    Python in house.

    Head over to aBSINTHE BBS and let me know what you think of SkyRaiders... its in the arcade.



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