• Correct Order.

    From Melkor@STARFRON to Bob Roberts on Mon Oct 26 17:00:37 2020
    Re: Correct Order.
    By: Melkor to Bob Roberts on Sat Oct 24 2020 06:11 am

    Good. Started re watching Enterprise.

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  • From jimmylogan@STARFRON/OTHETA to Bob Roberts on Sun Jan 10 10:00:00 2021
    Bob Roberts wrote to Melkor <=-

    I really enjoyed Enterprise. Kinda wondering how it holds up. I know
    a lot of people didn't like it.

    I really enjoyed Enterprise when I binged it years ago! But I'm also
    a Scott Bakula fan. :-)

    I think it's interesting that it still 'exists' even after the timeline
    change, cause it takes place well before any of that...

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