• About MetroNet

    From mlong to All on Thu Feb 4 10:01:36 2021
    MetroNet began in 1994 with as little as 3 bulletin boards
    in South-West Pennsylvania and quickly expanded to well over
    63 boards through-out Pennsylvania and a few western states.
    Slowly but surely the InterNet reared it's ugly head into
    town and the users were no longer interested in "lowly bbs's"
    but all the "pretty pictures" of the InterNet. The BBS's
    tried to put up a fight, but couldn't stand up to it. BBS's
    began shutting down, along with that, dropping out of our
    network and taking their users (what was left) with them.

    Now, after a couple years, we have deceided to use the
    InterNet to our advantage and ask that all telnet boards
    still interested in the fun and enjoyment of message based
    conversation join our fight. That is why we are back, and
    we aren't backing down this time.

    General Rules

    The official language of MetroNet is English. All
    documents must exist in English, and no other language is
    permitted to be used, unless otherwise stated by the
    Zone/Region Coordinator.

    There will be no slandering/insulting/flaming of any user
    or any BBS in the public echos under any circumstance. We
    wish to keep this a realtively peaceful net and hope to
    make friends, not enemies. Any message(s) inferred or
    directly slandering this, the message network, is cause
    for immediate denial of MetroNet access indefinatly.

    There will be no profane language used in the public bases
    no matter what the case may be. Mild use of expletives will
    be tolerated to a degree, depending on the descrepency of
    the moderator of that base.

    There will be no ANSI/Extended or High ASCII/RIP or any
    other graphic/code placed in any echo of MetroNet. Also,
    there will be no XX or UU Encoding or encrypting of any
    kind in the net and it will not be tolerated in any public
    message base. File Echo Reports base will have this rule
    tolerated at a MINIMUM, due to the FILE_ID.DIZ's of the
    files and the reports.

    When posting, PLEASE keep to the topic of the base posting
    the message in. Such as, if post something for sale, don't
    post it in the SysOp Base, post it in the FOR SALE base. That
    is why there are different bases. If we wanted things to be
    cluttered we would have only one base. We ask that MetroNet
    SysOps move off-subject posts to the appropriate base.

    The Moderator of an echo has EVERY right to tell you what
    you can and CANNOT do in that echo, as long as they are
    keeping within the MetroNet Guidlines. Remember, what they
    say goes, and the moderator must be treated with respect.

    Sigs or Signatures, will not be allowed to exceed 3 lines
    in order to keep packet size down. A signature can only be
    placed on a message with atleast 3 lines of written words,
    not quoted, text.