• About Message Editors

    From mlong to All on Fri Nov 27 00:43:00 2020
    [ MODERN ]

    Deuce's FS Editor
    A full-screen editor written by Deuce in JavaScript.

    SlyEdit (ICE Style)
    SlyEdit (DCT Style)
    SlyEdit is the second full-featured editor for Synchronet, written by
    nightfox in JavaScript. It can mimic the look and feel of IceEdit or DCT Edit, two popular BBS message editors from the 1990s.

    While not designed for a BBS, Nano is a modern editor that is easy to use

    [ LEGACY ]

    These editors are emulated and here for curiosity, historical info, etc.
    They are likely to have quirks and bugs that may make them unusable for
    a daily editor.

    BREdit 1.0 (1993-1999) (Art Johnston and Robert Clevenger)
    A full screen editor for WWIV

    DCTEdit v0.04 Gamma (1997. 1998) (Dan Traczynski)
    DCTEdit was designed to be more like a word processor than a remote text editor, and employs an easy to use pull-down menu interface.
    Offline mail readers are also supported.

    IceEdit 2.35 (1994-1997) (Jeremy Landvoigt)

    OpenEdit 0.99k (2011) (Shawn Highfield and Tom Huff)
    Formerly known as SabreEDIT and CheepEDIT.

    SyncEdit 3.05 (1996) (late Robert D. Bouman)
    SyncEdit was originally designed for Synchronet.
    This executable was patched to be Y2K compliant.

    Tide 1.11 (1995-2003) (Errol Smith)
    Full Screen Editor Features fast & efficient ANSI/AVATAR0+
    screen updates, full local sysop functions, timeslicing,
    multi-line support, powerful paragraph reformat routine, user can
    change message subject & privacy flag, taglines, sysop macros,
    fast Spellchecker.

    WWIVEdit 2.5a (1993) (Adam Caldwell)
    Editor used on the old WWIV 4.x systems.