• About TQWNet

    From mlong to All on Fri Oct 30 21:28:47 2020
    tqwNet - The Quantum Wormhole - Time is an illusion here, there and everywhen

    ==== Goals ====================================================================

    * Develop and encourage international communications between 100 (or more)
    geographically diverse bulletin board systems.

    * Support and create learning and experimental opportunities between

    * Foster borderless international friendships.

    * Explore and develop new and interesting methods of online communication
    between members.

    * A network based on having fun, while being respectful and helpful to each

    ===== Housekeeping ===========================================================

    * Members of tqwNet are to conduct themselves in accordance with the above
    goals. Failure to do so risks being delisted by the Network Coordinator.

    * The use of the network for illegal purposes is not permitted. Members
    deemed to be engaged in such activities will be delisted by the Network

    * Real names used in the nodelist, aliases or real names welcome in
    all echoareas.

    * Please post messages containing ANSI but do so with an [ANSI] prefix in
    the message subject line. This allows members who can't view ANSI content
    to opt out of reading it if they are unable to do so.

    e.g. Subject: [ANSI] Something I drew last night