• Apology For Duplicates

    From Daryl Stout@1:2320/105 to All on Thu Oct 14 19:22:13 2021
    My apologies for duplicate postings with Today In History. Weather
    issues (thunderstorms) made me think that the BBS didn't do its nightly maintenance, and as a result, do the autopostings.

    With Today In History, the postings are as follows (all recycle on a
    yearly basis):

    1) Weather History (data is partial after 1990).

    2) Pun History (from "Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down", by one time south Florida
    TV meteorologist Bob Weaver).

    3) Burma Shave ads (these were prolific across the country before the interstate highways).

    4) Bloopers, etc. (including church bulletin bloopers, and other comedy;
    it gives me a much needed laugh, as there's too little to laugh at in the
    world today).

    5) Random Quotes and QWK Mail Taglines.

    6) Random Bible Verses.

    Well, when I logged on, I saw that the posts had run, so apparently,
    I didn't have to take the BBS down overnight as previously thought.
    However, thunderstorms are forecast here overnight (Thursday night)
    through Friday, as a cold front moves through the region...so, the BBS
    will be down to protect from lightning damage. If the BBS is down for
    a period of several days, these postings won't occur.

    Arkansas' Fall Severe Weather Season can sometimes be stormier than
    our spring tornado season. At one time several years ago, Arkansas had
    the "infamous distinction" of being #1 in the U.S. with the number of
    "killer tornadoes" (a tornado that kills at least one person).

    When I first tried to run this batchfile, I discovered I had the
    wrong path to this message...so, I'm hoping nothing posted before this "apology".

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