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    ACUS11 KWNS 242238
    SPC MCD 242237=20

    Mesoscale Discussion 0724
    NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
    0537 PM CDT Mon May 24 2021

    Areas affected...Portions of western Kansas

    Concerning...Tornado Watch 200...

    Valid 242237Z - 250030Z

    The severe weather threat for Tornado Watch 200 continues.

    SUMMARY...Brief tornadoes continue to be reported northeast of
    Colby, KS. While this storm continues to interact with the outflow
    boundary, similar tornadic activity can be expected. Tornado
    potential is expected to increase in southwestern Kansas as the
    low-level jet increases, so long as storms remain discrete over the
    next 1-3 hours.

    DISCUSSION...A supercell northeast of Colby, KS has continued to
    produce funnels and brief tornadoes over the last 2 hours. This
    activity may continue as long as this storm continues to interact
    with an outflow boundary. To its east, winds have veered to
    southerly. To the south near Garden City, KS, storms have slowly
    moved south-southeastward. To this point activity has remained
    discrete. Given the position of the surface low and the expected
    increase in the low-level winds in southwestern Kansas this evening,
    wind profiles are expected to become more favorable for tornadoes
    over the next few hours. There appears to at least an hour or two
    window where storms will remain discrete before upscale growth and
    storm interactions reduce tornado potential later in the evening.
    Large hail and damaging wind gusts will also remain a concern.

    ..Wendt.. 05/24/2021

    ...Please see https://urldefense.com/v3/__http://www.spc.noaa.gov__;!!DZ3fj= g!opA34XormZ62Z3yecaN0w_vmMemWesoZJPBj0z8F0zj02OpYEDrHApgEJv9zt8fERvHrNtTW$=
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    LAT...LON 37650200 38130206 38660146 39640086 39990081 39990031
    39499990 38050049 37330114 37100158 37180190 37650200=20

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