• IPv6 and NAT

    From Rampage@VERT/SESTAR to Ogg on Mon Mar 22 04:09:21 2021
    Re: IPv6 and NAT
    By: Ogg to Rampage on Sun Mar 21 2021 17:22:00


    I still think that a NAT that hides internal devices from the
    outside world is a good thing.

    same here...

    IPv6 will be a long way off for me. I don't see Luckymobile
    supporting it and I don't get any indication that Acanac (my DSL
    serivce) is either.

    i have IPv6 inside and out but my firewall doesn't support it... until it does, im going to remain IPv4... i don't plan on switching firewalls, nor do i care to, any time soon...


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