• SignalTech wifi booster - Sounds suspicious

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    Re: SignalTech wifi booster - Sounds suspicious
    By: Nightfox to All on Mon Aug 23 2021 03:02 pm

    While looking at the weather report for my area on weather.com, I saw an ad this SignalTech wifi booster with some text saying internet providers don't want you buying one. I was curious if it was some kind of special device or not, so I decided to click on the link. This is from SignalTech's web site:


    Basically what it says is that internet providers throttle your router to ma your internet speed become slower over time so you'll upgrade your internet package. This already sounded suspicious to me, because I haven't had this happen to me (though I tend to buy my own router and use 3rd-party router firmware, such as DD-WRT or Tomato). I suppose it could theoretically happe with an ISP-provided router, but even then it seems sketchy and I haven't he of this happening to other people.

    Next, it says that this SignalTech wifi booster "overrides what the internet provider does with your router and boosts your internet to every corner of y house". This sounds highly suspicious to me. If the internet provider is throttling your router speeds, I don't really see how a wifi device like thi would be able to override what the ISP is doing to your router. Also, this a wifi repeater; what about ethernet speed?

    And to top it off, that page has a section that says "How does this device work?" and it explains what bandwidth is, but it doesn't actually explain ho this device supposedly overrides any bandwidth throttling from your internet provider.

    It all sounds bogus..


    It reminds me of those devices that use faraway infrared rays to clean your laundry, which they used to advertise in Mexican TV Shops.

    If the ISP wanted to throttle your Internet connection for any reason, they would do it on their end and not from the router you have in your premises. ISPs are fully aware power users deploy their own routers.


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    Re: SignalTech wifi booster - Sounds suspicious
    By: marymitch to Nightfox on Wed Sep 08 2021 12:10 am

    Well, that's probably true. Several of my friends noticed the significant change in their speed during the last months without any reason. The weather was ok, they paid for everything too, so the problem was pretty mysterious for them. It seems that providers want us to pay more for their services. But do they have any right to slow down the internet manually? I don't think so. So maybe it's better to use VPN or proxies in this case? I've found at https://bestvpnprovider.co/vyprvpn-review/ a review about a good VPN that can be a solution to this problem. At least, I guess so.

    can you please quote
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