• unlimited data so..

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    Hello Andeddu!

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    I don't know how many minutes I have in my contract for
    phone calls... possibly only 200-300 minutes, but I have
    unlimited data so I tend to just use 4G for everything even
    when I have access to a WiFi connection.

    That's an interesting reversal. I've never heard of a provider
    offering unlimited 4G while restricting call minutes. Every
    provider/service that I've encountered treats data as a
    premium. What company are you with?

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    Re: unlimited data so..
    By: Ogg to Andeddu on Tue Jul 13 2021 08:47 am

    I like the sound of their "SIM only, Unlimited data" plans.
    Compared to here, their product is very cheap.

    I've been SIM only for over 6 years now... I purchase a new phone outright every 2-3 years and have stuck with the same SIM since the beginning. My iPhone 12 Mini was purchased on Apple Finance though through Barclays due to the 0% interest offer.

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