• recommend good pwr'd usb hub?

    From Ogg@VERT/TRMB to All on Mon May 10 11:00:35 2021
    Can anyone recommend a good brand/model of a powered usb hub?

    It's for use on an older Toshiba Satellite that only has one built-in usb port. Only a max 4 total ports are needed. One that a friend was using has separate on/off switches for each port, but when in use - even with just one enabled device, the hub seemed to shut down and the attached device wouldn't work.

    I forget the brand that he was using (it certainly wasn't a brand I ever heard of), but it felt very light and cheap. He got his from an online store called Wish for under $10.

    At this point, quality brand would be a better idea?

    Any recommendations?

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