• High CPU usage in sbbsNTsvcs

    From Afsfigueiredo@VERT/SOFTSOL to All on Fri Apr 9 07:48:45 2021
    Hi !
    I've installed Synchronet 3.18 , and configured the FidoNet using Binkt .
    Every time an event happens, the SBBS Services consumes more than 50% of the system CPU ( i've even used a last-gen Core i7 as host, and the issue persist ), now the VM is running on its official host a Dual Xeon 5460 based server ( should be more than enough ) , the VM is set for 4 vCPU and 4GB of memory.
    I've tried using Windows XT, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and now Windows 2012R2 all had the same behavior, when it start a Binkt event it uses almost all CPU available after finishing the exchange process.
    Using the Process Explorer i see that the sbbsNTsvcs appears to be in some kind of loop , on the Microsoft C Runtime
    Start Address ucrtbase.DLL!_crt_at_quick_exit+0x20 ( this "loop" is using the 50+ cpu resources according the process explorer )
    Restarting the comm services solves the problem until the next event get into place.
    Have anyone seen this kind of behavior ? or have any tips where i can research/fix this issue ?


    Alexandre F.S.Figueiredo

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    Re: High CPU usage in sbbsNTsvcs
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    By: Digital Man to Afsfigueiredo on Fri Apr 09 2021 05:13 pm

    Dream Master mentioned a high CPU utilization issue with BinkIt recently, but then said he resolved it, though I don't know what the problem or solution was with any detail. <shrug>
    The high cpu utilization issue is a configuration issue within sbbsecho.ini effectively rebuilt my sbbsecho.ini and the problem went away. Also, make s tickit.ini is well maintained. A lot of the problems is *not reading the directions verbatim*. :)

    Brian Klauss <-> Dream Master

    Hi ! Thanks ! I'll review those and read the wiki all over. If i'm unable to fix or have any doubts, i'll move this to the right forum . Thanks for your support :)

    You know... recall/relearn tech i dont use since 1993 merging with "modern" tech takes some time ;)


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